I received the prize-winner Nohavits: a hard attack on Gotta! He hid in front of him


In 2013, at the airport in Ruzyne, a Czech-Polish songwriter met with a national precious, divine Kaja. Both of them flew to Russia. Nohavitsa He planned to play some concerts in Moscow, Gott with his team went to the Russian metropolis to celebrate the 85th birthday of the controversial Russian Army Alexandrovci ensemble. "I do not want to photograph with Karl, that's not good! Everybody goes there for other purposes. He will be fifth to the army and politicians, ordinary people," then he heard Nohavica.

He even tried to get a valuable colleague from the industry to take him on a plane from Prague to Moscow! But Gott's maneuvers did not escape and even said that he enjoyed them. "The flight also flying? It would be a shame to have a photo with me when a songwriter," he said with exaggeration. But he probably was not aware that the attitude of Nohavich to his personality did not differ in musical genres, not in popularity, but for what purpose he was traveling to Russia.

"Take photos for me, but you do not want us to take pictures together." Nohavica told the journalists Aha! uncomfortable. "I definitely do not want to sing in Alexandria and Russian politicians!" he stressed. Five years passed … and suddenly a smart singer with guitar did not upset the takeover of Pushkin's metal, which since 1999 was granted not only to Russian citizens, but also to foreigners who made a significant contribution to cultural, literary and other arts. How would reactor Ostrava react if Karel Gott got this award?

Putin praised Nohavitsa for the medal. The Czech poet thanked and sang Russian Kremlin.ru

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