How did he burn Týnuš Třešničkov (23)? Her boyfriend was talking about the consequences of an explosion in a Turkish restaurant


Viktor, how long have you got a Tynush connection?

"From the beginning of the summer, this accident happened after just a few months of relationship. It was just a quick weekend break where we wanted to see the famous Salting Chef restaurant.

How do you remember fatal accidents?

"It happened when we moved to the table. It was so fast that we did not have enough to figure out what was going on. I have to admit that I am very much talking about this, and I do not recall that unpleasant moments try In fact, I remember the arrival of a rescue car and a hospital transmission. It all happened very quickly … "

A friend of the vastuberke burned Tyyn talking: he described the fiery hell and what will be still! Petr Macek

How do you feel about this?

"Guys are likely to heal faster, Tyus slower. The hospital in Turkey is up to now. But her treatment is fast forward, and we hope she will soon be dropped, and we will all be together for Christmas. All should be treated with 100%. There are no lasting consequences! "

Have you ever apologized to any restaurant?

"We have, together with the owner of the restaurant, we are still working on other things. I can not determine them because everything is open. A lawyer is represented in the procedure."

Do you think there will be a court hearing?

"So far everything is open and we will see …"

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