Free internet is everywhere! We will join the market and the park


The idea that people in all public places can connect to the Internet free of charge is the European Union. For the purchase or renewal of the Internet connection, municipalities can receive 15 thousand euros, which is approximately 388 thousand crowns. The Wifi4EU program can be reported from Wednesday, and the first one starts first. There will be 2800 municipalities in total.

"The program comes directly from the European Commission, which aims at providing as many people as possible free access to information," EP Tomáš Zdechovský said in the past. New links could be free of charge in libraries, sports facilities, health facilities, railway stations or markets. Initially, due to technical difficulties, this may be required in May, but the receipt of applications was stopped.

For municipalities, the collection of funds must be easy and with the least administration. You can ask them at The municipality, which receives a coupon of 15 thousand euros, must ensure that the hot spot Wi-Fi is installed and removed within 18 months. Therefore, they must create a project and choose a company that will install a wi-fi device. The selected wireless network must provide high quality Internet connectivity. Municipalities should benefit from the best coverage, offering at least 30 Mbps.

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