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YES Chiefs Officer Andrej Babis and CSSD Jan Hamacek planned a meeting on Wednesday.

Fifteen members of the Social Democratic Party, which has 93 votes with YES in the Chamber of Deputies, according to Práve, agreed with their own tactics. CSSD gives priority to the voluntary departure of the Prime Minister from the office and the so-called Pellegrini. Therefore, after the dismissal of the Prime Minister, which is governed by the entire government, the new YES representative will be in the office of the Cabinet, and the government will build on the same ground plan as it is today.

The same thing happened in Slovakia after the outbreak of murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, when the Prime Minister and the head of the director, Robert Fico, replaced Co-President Peter Pellegrini.

In the spring, it was envisaged that Babisha could be replaced by current Deputy Prime Minister Richard Brabec. But YES is still for Babis. In order to avoid "nervousness", President of the Republic Miloš Zeman also recommended the Prime Minister on Tuesday. [celá zpráva]

If the Prime Minister did not replace the CSSD, the CSSD does not exclude the possibility of dissolution of the Chamber, which requires 120 votes, before which there will be early elections. But YES leads the ranking of preferences from 27 to 33 percent, while ODS and Pirates are about half the number.

Babys' son Andrej Babis, a younger server of the Journal Report, whose reporters met him in Switzerland, said that his father wanted to disappear from the Czech Republic due to the case of the Čapí Nest. He also said that he signed some documents on the farm he faced, and also the premiere of suspected fraud related to subsidies, but did not know what he signed.

He also said that he went to the National Institute of Mental Health because of a conflict with the police, where he met with psychiatrist Dito Protopop. This year she campaigned for YO's movement in municipal elections, and her opinion was that Babysh should help the younger in the media to prevent criminal prosecution. After the outbreak of the chicken nests, the men of Protopop Petr allegedly brought Babis' son to the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which brought Russia. Babys younger in the report says that Protopopov is some kind of caregiver and that he is scared. I did not want to express Protopopov.

Six opposition parties tabled a motion for expressing suspicions on the Babis government on Tuesday but did not have enough votes to do so. The babies were invited to leave the case, but the Prime Minister refused.

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