Csaplár after drawing in Pilsen: My time in Příbram is probably full


In June, he returned to Příbram after the team descended and the team returned to the first league. After a good entry into this season, the money went to the table and now it's 13th.

"I've enjoyed so much for years and a half, this is a great thing, I had many stories in my football life, but I got one and a half years, that's good," Csaplár added.

His fighters did not get points in the previous four rounds and they collected 18 goals, while yesterday they were surprised by Plzeň. "Maybe we won everywhere and lost everywhere, we were not down, we had some fears to go to Pilsen and get seven goals, that's all. We came to Pilsen and I did not see the dismantled pension that just disappeared. I saw 11 decisive boys, "said Csaplár.

His team succeeded in the previous season in Sparta. "There were billions for 30 million players who play half a billion to 30 million today, I know that money is not playing football, but I know that quality must be somewhere, players have done everything they can to do, we had the luck that we did not have it took a week before with Slovácko, where it was like a game today like Pilsen, just in the opposite fence, "added Csaplár.

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