Construction with flourishing. This year, two-month, heavy analysts of the Company and Markets will rise


Prague Builders in the Czech Republic will grow twice this year. The growth of earth structures in recent years has led to so many innovations, especially in the construction of transport infrastructure. The main contribution to this is accelerated European funds, analysts said. In the nine months of the construction year, the statistics of mesiron increased by 10.6 percent.

Buildings after two years of sounding this year are oive, which grow as if out of the water. In the year it must rise two-fold, which will be quite low for the year of defeat. The construction workers help the EU fund, which was originally built in construction, for example in the repair of motorways, said the Czech fund analyst Luk Kovanda. This year the growth of construction works by 10.8 percent.

Jan Stecker, a chamber analyst, added that demand for construction was rising. On the one hand, a construction company struggling with labor shortages, on the other hand, has a great demand for residential buildings and the construction of new production facilities, said Stecker. For the year, the year increased by 11 percent, the year due to lack of capacity with a slowdown in growth to 4.7 percent.

According to Pro-Home Sales Manager, Daniel Kok, a construction builder today, has a lack of construction material. And they are trying to achieve a complete momentum, many of them have optimized their production in recent years and they have almost never been able to respond to demand jumps, Kek said.

While ground-based construction at high pace practically from the last year was withdrawn, the ingenuity was added only to lit. In general, it was meant that the construction industry became one of the economic economists in the fourth quarter, said UniCredit Bank analyst Pavel Sobek. The data on building bundles show that the boom will not be extended.

With confidence, it can be confirmed that the year of the year will continue the trend of rising. We hope this will be a permanent revival of building dynamics, as the investment policy is included in the program, added the president of the Building Entrepreneurs Union in R Vclav Maty.

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