Cause of Nestor and Son of Babys: Opposition Party Asks Government, CSSD to Replace Prime Minister?




Six opposition parties, consisting of 92 deputies, have submitted a proposal to the Babis government to express their suspicion about new events around the Cape Hat Nest. There are 101 deputies for mistrust. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) said that his son was mentally ill, took drugs and was under surveillance. He replied to the statements of Andrew Babyshan's husband that the Prime Minister arrested him for the cause of the cap on the Crimean peninsula. The Prime Minister said that he did not kidnap his son because the Czech Republic voluntarily left. He described the affair as a hunt for his family. In the past, Prime Minister Babis said that at the time when the Čapí had received $ 50 million, two grown children owned the farm and brother of their wife and wife Monika Babišová. The Prime Minister and a part of his family are being prosecuted for alleged fraud in connection with subsidies.

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