Blatney haunted by returning to practice. The Czechs are improving from day to day


“If we do not all take responsibility, unfortunately restaurants, clubs and bars will be closed again,” Blattney said Friday.

The Czechs attacked the open companies in a number of places, and the police had to deal with a number of crimes against the imposed measures due to the spread of coronavirus on Saturday night. Kateřina Rendlová, a spokeswoman for the police president, did not specify how many such trips were and how exactly the measures were violated.

More specifically, the minister on Saturday referred to information from the police president. According to him, the police went to the companies on Saturday night to companies that are open after 22:00, despite the ban.

“Such mass irresponsibility is completely unacceptable,” Blatny appealed to the Czechs. And they have certainly taken his words to heart. Police were not required to deal with any of the serious violations of the measures Sunday night, they were informed Sunday morning through a Twitter account.

“We thank the operators for respecting the closing hours of restaurants and bars and visitors for consideration,” added the police, who asked the minister to tighten controls and that fines in the upper limit, i.e. in millions of crowns, were imposed To operators that open even after 10:00.

I do not want to scare me, but …

Blatný repeatedly marks the current situation as weak. “I do not want to scare, but we are still on the border between third and fourth degree. Will we really go back to the ‘four’?” He asks.

This is mainly based on the PES system, in which the risk score is calculated on a scale of zero to one hundred. In recent days, it has been in the Czech Republic about a border number 60.

PES degrees according to a pound weight

Photo: MZČR

However, it is still not known exactly how the Czech Republic is now. The website of Ministry of Health, where the PES index is published, is affected by technical problems and the originally published Saturday numbers will still change during Sunday. There have also been problems with publishing information on Saturday.

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