Actor, musician, athlete, manager with messy tendencies. Daniel Landa celebrates 50th


Today at the concert, he was selling the Tipsport Arena in Prague on his tour of the fifties. In many people, there is a mistrust of mystery and mockery on the patio. On the other hand, it is true that in the area of ​​Czech pop culture there are not so many people with such a wide range of activities, while high quality craftsmanship is indisputable in all of them. What did Daniel Landa do for the past half a century?

When a movie appeared in the cinemas about the spartan enthusiasts' tour of the Banská Bystrica train in 1987, she was impressed with revelation. Such a crude, drastic and documentary about growing violence, which was unreasonable, had no analogy in the Czechoslovak cinema at that time. And everybody who saw it immediately remembered a short-styled, aggressive teenager who had been seen by a surgeon who was terribly confident in the destruction and threat of other travelers. This was followed by the twelve-year-old student on the musical-dramatic theme of the Prague Conservatory, Daniel Landa.

"We usually found Dana at school, temperament, appearance, and acting were great and it was pitiful that Bohemak himself was outrageous and Spartan had to play but it was hard to do, but when the Spartan boiler Letná- so he was not so easy, he had some headaches earlier and said he only fought with the Spartans, so you probably have to imagine what it was like to have to go between them, reminds the director Why? "Karel Smyczek.

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Despite rumors, Landa was extremely disciplined, and the director appreciated the capture of stretched scenes on the train when the enthusiasm of Spartan fans ruined the train. "The film was unique in our time, we did a lot of things first. When we got to the train, I quickly realized that in some scenes I could not use naturists because they did not respect the track command such as Tom, such as Tomas Karger and others, but I have to calm down, but I have to say that when Dan freed him in such aggressive scenes, he froze on my back, "says Karel Smyczek.

It is possible that these venues are a feature that is linked to the oeuvre of the Land-whether an actor or an exceptionally successful composer, singer or producer or manager, or athlete for power and adrenaline sports, and last but not least, messy "performance. Huge energy overpressure While you can handle yourself, there's a small question whether he or she controls what it has to do.

The shadow of youth

The paradox that Daniel Landa played an aggressive guy with the frozen originality of the opposite shore as he was alone was not the only one in his life. You mentioned that in the 1980s he beat other skinheads with his later passionate idol and "Czech skinheads", thanks to Orlík's band because he flirted with punk. On the other hand, when only one year of Why? After the premiere in 1988, he founded Orlík Group with actor David Matokek, he started with the same rifles as he went to the pub, sometimes he held concerts.

"I was a bit scared baby, so I hated fear when I started to spread," said Czech journalist and moderator Radomír in 2005, in a part of the Czech television cycle, 13th chamber Simun.

The National Film Museum is the main promoter of Terezie Krizkovska and Adála Mrázová's project at the promo spot on famous Czech films (here Věra Chytilová Daisies)

"When I was eleven, I stayed alone in a gigantic house at night because my mother had to go to the night when I started entertaining for fun, 60 pounds of boots, and because I knew no, there was always someone who broke the bracelet when she stopped and began to spread the horror, and then for the first time, for the second time, for the third time, I found someone, "Landa said.

The ability to spread fear has been observed by others, for example, Kamil Fila, a film critic who Dotyk asked to try to evaluate the Land of Philosophy. "It was totally authentic, inspired by terror and subordination." In a sense, Martin Sedláček's impressive step was that Daniel Lund was Colonel Emanuel Moravce, a very controversial historian, a man who first fought with the Nazis and then collaborated with them. he loved fascist Italy.) It was like being part of Land's career – his desire to excite the national pride that fans came back to in the form of neo-racism – Fila replied correctly.

Orlik's leather skirt, which Landa still carries as a novel melody (noteworthy, remembers it more often than David Matokk) was shortly after the premiere of the film in 1988.

Signatories to the Munich Agreement: Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini

The age of the Orcs was relatively short, the band collapsed in 1991. The problem was that they were nationalistic paintings after the Revolution in November 1989 (where Landa, like many other young actors, why, chiefly Jan Potměšil was the protagonist of the students) because he opened the racist in the then skinhead movement. Though he had a rather enthusiastic life, but the minorities committed a number of ugly attacks – the idea of ​​the Czech skinheads, which at that time was "kaliszte", was simple: "We do not like what is not Czech," and their primary enemy is the Roma.

Landa later approached this time with pure self-reflection, returning to the fact that she arrived. "I can not leave it when I was eighteen and I was a wild man, I thought I could not be separated from it, of course, I think differently today when I'm older and have three children, but then I was radically-if I was eighteen today, , but I started to run between my left hand and Palestinian scars on my neck, "Landa said.

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"I think Dan was on the stage at the time he was playing Why – perhaps even with his father who was a great man in Czech motor sport, but I do not know," Karel Smyczek remarked.

The truth is that Lando's relationship with his father was partly lost in his childhood. His parents divorced when he was still a kid and raised his mother. In her youth, she did not have the best relationship with her father she did not want to talk about. "Surely we did not have all, but it is important to compare it," she remarked in the 13th Chamber.

Woman and sport soothe her

In 1990 Landa married FAMU and then FAMU, a German-speaking Mirjam Müller, whose three daughters – the older Anastasia and Rosalia and Roxana twins.

"It is interesting that I taught Dan's wife, Mirjam, and I know him before he was, and Jaromil Jireš, a teacher at FAMU, where he studied from Germany, was extremely skilled, talented and learned from the start, and still struggling at that time the Czech was a bit shy and did not show up, I do not think Dan could have been able to get in, though I knew both did not tie anything with me – remember Smyczek.

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"When my wife introduced her parents, they both fell back, her father was a spiritual and serious journalist, her mother was a very successful businesswoman, but she was not impressed for the first time and waited for what would happen," Simon said in an interview with Landa.

The woman was relatively early in her life when she had to deal with a serious illness that she had to mention in her picture at that time. Later he described a situation when he was most worried. But at a time when he was pleased to show you his wife.

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Since the mid-1990s, Daniel Landa has been working with a number of strengths and adrenaline sports to help him with internal energy and overpressure. He began training Thai boxing and a car racing. When he announced his "reincarnation" in the form of Zita Magician in 2012, he announced that he was diving with sharks.

"Perhaps, if I started with the sport, they would not have such problems," he commented. In the context of sport, he also began to talk about the need for athletes to arrange.

Energy phenomenon

In addition to the necessity of the order, he was a singer, maybe it was a journey that later led to some other obscure activity, such as setting up Ordo Lumen Templi. In 2004, he introduced some interesting people (actor Ondrej Vetchý, deputy Jan Vidim, director of the National Drug Center, Jiří Komoros), rendering the order in a non-public (but well popularized) concert at Karel Kryl Song for the Czech Nation he contributed to the children's play related to the old Czech legends of Vyšehrad and had great plans, but after three years he left the messianic concept – and the whole order was about to end.

Another similarly controversial performance was his speech at the 2012 Czech awards ceremony, where he declared Zita.

With the general negative attitude of the public, he once again confessed to "the desire to change the world," which is difficult to guess whether he is serious about it or is part of self-esteem. The same can be said with frustration that this change did not succeed. In any case, the Land's speech (as in the previous "order") was one of the directions: it was a marketing step in its other projects, with its extraordinary energy boomed.

Lukáš Vaculík.

"Dan Landa is primarily an energetic phenomenon, either in the incarnation of magician Zita, skinhead, or Knight of the Temple, whose music always has the desire to stand up and to work, work, and fight who chooses Landa and his music is as energetic as a Czech flagstaff, diving with sharks, expeditions in Afghanistan or the overthrow of racing cars, has reached its end, and hundreds of thousands of people in concerts can not yet figure out how attractive or real a Landy actor, they just enjoy it and that's what it is, "Lada explains to her friend Jakub Horak, a marketing expert.

In Afghanistan, Landa has been re-opened since 2012, and Horák, who has since been widely reported on Hospodářské noviny's travel. Landa did not spare her big plans: through sports and music, she wanted to recruit new Afghan radical radicals in Afghanistan, planned boots in Kabul and opened the ARIA Boiohaemum Foundation. He tried to acquire local politics, including President of Afghanistan, Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Air Force, and others. The result can hardly be shown to be successful, but artists can not deny that they really fired their plans.

One paradox of the Land's life may be that he is partly hiding (at least medially) from his work and project, as well as the occasional bourgeoisie and warrior's past, and is by far the most successful and perhaps even the most beautiful artist, musician and actor. This is an area where the least stylized and the charisma is real.

Petra Jakubíček Brew Manager

"Daniel Landa graduated as an actor and actor as a part of his musical career, and always knew what role he played, always featured something and seemed to be a lifestyle of the Dalai, his concerts and media appear to be a role full of emotions and parrots, similar to Richard Krajc or Tomáš Klus and Karel Kryl played very little, slightly manly Karel Karel, "Kamil Fila, film critic Landa.

The mention of Kryl is rather courageous: Landa criticizes the song's interpretation, partly because they accustomed Kryl's own speech and because Kryl's song is related to the fate of the "little big man" of Czech culture, who was led by her childhood to withstand totalitarianism when she watched her own eyes like boy, as his father's communists broke the printers. Terrestrial interpretation of protesters of the Protestant Protestants, but expressly poetic, seems a little ungodly in the knowledge of the facts.

On October 28, 1918, at Wenceslas Square in Prague

"He sang to love people who do not know or do not like Kryla, and of course steals and dies." says Fila. "Daniel Landa is an incredibly talented man, and his feelings for songs and ballad-weighting dumbbells are doubtful. For the movie industry, Daniel Landa is already alive, and perhaps even in his last spiritual phase is unforgivable, his work Wagner gesamstkunstwerku is a new age knife, Czech showbiz like icons like Karel Gott or Jarek Nohavica. "

Land is a good property for celebration of the Fifties.

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