90 seconds in hell at the bottom of the hall and 900 ° C. The hero knows that he is shaking in fire, regardless of whether he hit | Home


PRAGA In 1999, Sapa led other colleagues to escape from the roof. He hit the field without a soccer goal that was dropping. When they were on top, an area of ​​20×10 meters fell. They jumped to the edge of the cabin and returned to the dish. the "poppy" fell into the flames, the site ru, the place where it reached the temperature and 900 ° C. Its head was then crossed: And what? Fuck you! He fished for 90 seconds between the flames and fell.

Pbh Jiho makala pin developed by Mr. The Prairie Fire Flame. makal mixed in the hospital and rehabilitation 11 msc. He went to Hasima, and today he is the smoke master.

Banner Prague in flames.

Instead, tell them how to get involved in the highest and most tragic parts of history. The divorce was due to the guilt of the fire, including how it was done and who could do it.
The first was about two bars of Prmysl, a code worth billions crowns

In cooperation with Hasisk, Seril set up the rescue capital of the Prague capital, which this year marks the 165th anniversary of its foundation. From November 16 to 20 you will see one of these videos.

Tet dl was about the tragitum demolition in djinch R – I have from the desired hell, sent for the liberation of two people, devt but uhoelo

In the serif, viewers still have unpublished unique videos and photographs from the HZS Prague archive. The head of the serif is Martin Kavka, runway Hasi, the leader of the portal and the press. He speaks in a snake like mansi – bn hasii and chief commander.

My mom stepped on the floor because her daughter went out of the window. Implicit banality with Iceman Life Press 8 people

So the daughters of the hotel, which in January saved about 40 people from the Hochcho Hotel on the street Nplavn, died. I think he put him dead.

We need water and I come from you! Sop leaves, then piltla shry mylenka and helicopter

estidln seril on Lidovky.cz added on June 19, with more than one video chat, photo galleries and other videos. know about the work of Musketeer and legendary Jan Havrde. It was replaced by invisible experts – people from the opera house. She declined what was going on for her work, for her and how she was.

so they will get enough browsing over the Hashish MASH station. 3 in Holeovice, built by the Nazis as provisors for ten years. Uke, so pbhy hasi, who saved and risked the most expensive in his life.


Twice do not know,
present and past pszunun HZS Prague cooperation: Pavel Boek,
Martin Bouka, Petr ervenka, Ondej ern, Ji Makal, Jan Havrda, Jan
Havrda Young, Jarka Havrdov, Martin Hauild, Roman Hlinovsk,
Vladimir Hol, Ji Hoek, Pavel Hoek, Tom Horsk, Vclav Huk, Luke
Kavala, Martin Kavka, Anton K Kask, Radek Kislinger, Ji Klinder,
Luk Krl, Magda Kramov, Vclav Kratochvl, Ji Krygel, Josef
Ken, Milan Mach, Felix Malec, Milan Pack, Vladimir Polaneck, Ji
Rpar, Radek Svato, Alek, Iveta Kramlkov, Antonn ustr,
Pavel Vale, Milo Vorel. For a photo of the Jaromr Colonel

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