5x Freddie Mercury in Czech way: who teeth teeth on the pop icon in the face?


November 8, 2018 11:18

In the history of popular music there are few performers with such a recognizable vision and gesture as Freddie Mercury. It was not easy to re-enter the competitor. Artificial teeth and mustache do not make Freddie.

The Czech premier was Queen's frontman, David Kraus (38). Pele is that I want to come freely. With the legendary song in which Freddie played in a woman's disguise, David was the second.

For Czech Freddie can be called David Gránský (26), who twice found himself in his skin. In the second row he sang Bohemian Rhapsody, and in the fourth he was accompanied by Jitko Boho (26) on the Barcelona duo. She then performed opera singer Montserrat Caballé and won.

Aneta Krejcikova (27) shone at the beginning of the fourth line with The Show Must Go On. But then, like Freddie, she looked like Edward Edward. Aneta was based on the masterpiece associated with this son.

In the last round Freddie became Vojta Drahokoupil (23). While testing the song "We Are Champions", Bohemian Rhapsody could not be inspired. It was premiered in cinemas only after this part of the face was recorded. His version was far from the original. Facebook has found that his mustache is more than Vlasta Burian.

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