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They find evidence of the system used in Egypt to move the pyramid block

A team of specialists Cairo Oriental Archeology Institute and the University of Liverpool Discovered by riddle to the ancestors Egyptians the powerful ones were moved stone blocks the quarry to build a pyramids Four thousand 500 years ago.

As Dr. Yannis Gourdonn explained, in Hatnub's alabaster quarries archaeologists They have found a "unique system" to lift them from the bottom of the stone blocks. This motion system consists of a center ramp that is surrounded by two ladders, with many holes that scientists say tons of heavy blocks rise.

They believe that we have placed an alabaster block on the slide that is roped with the wooden poles. By pulling strings, ancient Egyptians can drag the mines' blocks on steep slopes, in some cases at an angle of 20 degrees or more.

"Since the system comes from Khufu or Khufu's rule, it means that ancient Egyptians in time knew how massive stone blocks would move through very steep slopes, so they could use them to build their pyramid," he said. Gourdon, referenced by Live Science.

Although the ramp hypothesis has long been known, this is the first time that such a good protective equipment has been discovered.

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