Who launched new recommendations for face masks – El Pilón


Since before the beginning of December, there has already been progress in the development of vaccines to counteract the Cavid -19, But the Mask Or mask is still the numerical ally of men.

For this reason, the World Health Organization, WHO, launched new recommendations for its use. Due to teams from festivities and meetings in December, the contagion could be even more secure through the interaction with people.

Wear a mask at home: Who recommends wearing the mask when there is a guest at home as well as to follow distancing. In addition, he emphasized windows and doors for air ventilation.

Use in exercise: Those who recommend not wearing a mask when exercising, as this may complicate the breathing of men. Thus, he mentioned that the disinfection of the place and distance between athletes must be maintained.

Use in children: Whoever holds the attitude that children under 5 should not wear a mask. In addition, he explains that from 6 to 11 years old, the risk factor to which they are exposed to use it should be taken into account.

Homemade: Who recommended using homemade cloth masks. In your specifications, you ask that they have all three layers of biosecurity.

Masks: The transparent masks that cover the entire face, according to the WHO, are not entirely recommended because they only cover the eyes. However, he explained that it should not be substituted for face masks. That is, the mask should also be used.

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