Suicide was murdered in the Medellin Judicial Palace


The authorities are investigating the circumstances when the inmate Johan Alberto Ochoa died last night after he set off on the 16th floor of the José Félix de Restrepo Justice Palace in the capital of Antioquia.

This is a 31-year-old man He ordered the court hearing, but humiliated the strong supervision to jump out of the building and fall into the cavern.

After that, the security guards are examined to know they know what happened and why they lost control of the detainee, who will respond to the conspiracy after being the leader of the awesome band.

The Technical Research Body (CTI) at the entrance to the Justice Palace proper removal of the victim's body, as dozens of viewers can hear death.

So far, the Prosecutor's Office or the Office of Justice has taken a decision about this accident. This kind of suicide is repeated during hearings since at least four inmates have been involved in the last three years.

The most recent one happened in April last year The alleged offender of a 15-year-old sister killer started off the 25th floor.

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