Street Fighter V is preparing for zombies with Resident Evil clothes

From December it will start in a few weeks, It was not surprising that Capcom announced new Christmas costumes for some characters Street Fighter V. However, it seems that these clothes are not enough for a Japanese company. A franchise that does not have much Christmas has also leaned away.

Although witchcraft has already been spent –in which some fighters get their dazzling costumes– and the beginning Resident Evil 2 (2019) is a few more months away, Capcom has prepared three costumes for fans of the series the horror of survival.

The lucky fighters who will receive these posts are: Cammy, Kolin in Urien. The first one will wear a dress with which Jill Valentine debuted in Resident Evil (1996). He will have another look What? Ada Wong premiered v Resident Evil 6 (2012). Finally, the last one will have a dress Wesker he had in his appearance Resident Evil 5 (2009).

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But that's not all! It turned out to be a double promotion because the three dresses will have alternative appearances that can be detected with the secret code Capcom. While Cammy is made up of equipment used by Jill Resident Evil 3 (1999), Kolin is a costume with which Ada debuted Resident Evil 2 (1998). In the case of Urien, the code entry will simply get rid of glasses and umbrella.

All these clothes will arrive on the 27th of November the same day as those Christmas costumes arrive. Each will have a price of $ 4, plus or minus 12,700 Colombian pesos.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition This is already available on Steam and PlayStation 4 as a free update for the owners of the first version of the battle title. But those who do not have a basic game can get it Arcade Edition in digital or physical form, as an independent purchase.

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