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Petro will not support Claudia López


The former president inspired his idea of ​​a subterranean subway and explained he couldn't accompany anyone. "He was unable to defend what could mostly help Bogotá in the mobility of his mobility."

After this it became official Claudia Lopez Like the only candidate in this Center-left coalition In race for the Bogotá City HallThis Tuesday, the former mayor Gustavo Petro Cleared the doubts and announced that Will not support the candidacy From the former senator.

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The reason? Again the cross-cutting issue was Metro model for Bogota Which, as Petro insisted, must be underground, while Lopez – which has the same position – said that, in case of being hired and awarded a Elevated system as expected from current management, Will not back down Continue with this project.

Through his Twitter account, Petro showed his annoyance and He denied any kind of support. While a candidacy is not able to protect what Bogotá most can help in the tragedy of its mobility, Powerful underground subway, high capacityAnd no excuse to put in more buses that lead to the unworthy of the citizens, I cannot accompany it.

The trill has reacted to another message released by Lopez that he warned that He won't knock down the "subway" progress, just because my offender has it. He even used the company "Claudia Sin Petro". "I will not repeat what Peñalosa did, which is not responsible for Bogotá. You must complete this half meter That the mayor leaves us and I will take him to Suba and Engativ. ”

Previously, members of the Coalition for Bogotá (Claudia López, Celio Nieves, Jorge Rojas and Luis Ernesto Gomez) announced, as expected, that The Green Alliance candidate will be the center-left representative In the dispute for the mayor's office of Bogotá.

This decision was made five days after the deadline for Complete applications Before the Registry Office of the Republic, after the applicants have agreed to set up a government program to reflect on the vision of the city Green Alliance, Democratic Pole, Bogotá Viva and the activists' movement.

In this program, the coalition asserted that the undergraduate underpinning "is undoubtedly the best option for mobility, social and urban development in Bogota" and has indicated that they "harm the absolute responsibility and ownership of the current administration (of Enrive) Peñalosa caused him to Bogota Discarding that alternative, That he has the required technical studies and the support of citizens.

However, they noted that They will respect the law and signed public contracts, Including the subway, which, if hired, would form a technical and legal commission, which guarantees that the Contract execution has all technical standards And transparency to ensure a good job of mobility.

The dilemma between elevated or underground subway is already evidenced by the former mayor Gustavo Petro, previously He warned that, although work on a programmatic agreement, there were still several issues under discussion, events had rejected the option of a coalition.

"Until there is a programmatic agreement that guarantees that the Security in Bogota go through the inclusion of all youth Public higher education public and those Mobility goes through the high-capacity subway, Colombia's Humana cannot participate in any coalition (…) the substantial push to finance a jump in public higher education coverage and Underground subway are the discussion points"The former president explained his Twitter account."

In reaction, Cludia Lopez (Greener Alliance) candidate, who is leading the election today and whose coalition, yesterday began a series of public discussions with the participation of the former minister Luis Ernesto Gomez (Activist Movement), Celio Nieves (Democratic Pole) and Jorge Rojas– He admitted that although he has been approaching Petro, they have not yet agreed in front of the subway.

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I didn't have a conversation in that (Petro) I put in such a condition. He defends the subway and has good arguments, And I believe, and we all in this coalition, which, without doubt, for urban, social, higher and higher traffic factors -, An underground subway would be much better ”, López holds a dialogue with Blu Radio.

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Petro will not support Claudia López's candidacy for mayor




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