Oral sex can cause cancer on the throat, so experts say


In 2013, he is an American actor Michael Douglas, married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, surprised the world, who is in the middle of a conversation with the British newspaper The Guardian He ensured that his cancer of the throat, diagnosed three years ago, It developed with the conclusion of human papillomavirus (HPV) for oral sex.

Although soon afterwards one of Douglas's agencies came to deny these statements, the truth is that alarms against oral sex have already been illuminated, not just with the actor's case, but with many other speeches. Go to the Internet and read all theories about a topic that is still torn between a myth or a reality.

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Myth or reality?

There are FM messages in the growing rumors with a sexologist Nereydo Lacera, who expressed the fact that it is not a myth. "There is a possibility that oral sex can cause cancer of the throat due to the transmission of human papillomavirus, but it is important to clarify that more than a hundred types of HPV viruses, and only a percentage of them are carcinogens that develop cancer, most of them are benign," he said .

The expert pointed out that, according to some studies, 80% of people who have sexual activity "had or had human papillomavirus been present and then disappeared." The causes of some of these viruses are unknown. progressing and developing cancer, the cases in which it occurred, are equivalent to a small percentage. "

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It is important to emphasize that although oral sex can cause the transmission of papillomas to a certain extent and ultimately cause throat cancer, this is not entirely complete. According to Lacera, mouth and tongue cancer have a lower statistical share than throat cancer. "In this order of ideas, I would think that oral sex should also increase the incidence of these types of cancer, so we can not say with certainty that it will cause throat or oropharyngeal cancer," he said.

Tobacco and alcohol oral sex

According to the sexologist, although there is a possibility, it can not statistically be said that there is a high or medium risk of developing throat cancer due to oral sex. However, studies have shown that HPV is present in throat cancer is more closely related to the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. "These two are the first cause of cancer on the throat, and then the human papiloma virus is transmitted through the oral sex," he added.

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Are men or women more vulnerable?

Nereyda Lacera commented on this A greater incidence of throat cancer was found in men. "This is probably because more tobacco and alcohol were consumed in the past, and because it is assumed that there is a greater spread of viruses in female genitalia. So men who have oral sex with women are more likely to acquire human papillomavirus, "he said.

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In terms of protection, it is recommended firstly to reduce the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes while in the sexual area,It's best to have a monogamous partner, that is, he is faithful to his girlfriend, and if he wants to go further, use a condom. This is an effective method and, as in Colombia, the female condom can not be found; what can be done is to conceal the condom, open it and place it on the vulva, thereby preventing not only the transmission of the virus, but also another infection of the sexual nature.

Lastly, the sexologist invites him not to panic and refuse oral sex forever. Being healthy and having protection, you can enjoy the divine sexuality.

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