Nintendo Switch officially has YouTube on the console and can be downloaded


In the morning of Thursday, November 8, Nintendo confirmed the inclusion of the official video platform role YouTube for consoles Nintendo switch.

Join Hulu, YouTube This is a free application that can be found in two ways for your console. First, if you have an account eShop, you will need to access the part of the virtual store in Nintendo switch. Search YouTube in the browser and download an application that has a low weight of 90 MB.

However, you can also install it from your computer, for which you will have to enter the official Nintendo site here and install the installation program directly.

If you want to watch videos in your installed application, you will not need to enable Nintendo Switch online service, so it's all for free.

Directors of Nintendo hope they can integrate multiple applications on the console, such as Netflix or HBO. According to the Reggie Fils-Aime, chairman of Nintendo of America, these deals are on the right track and can be expected by mid-2019.

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