Monaco vs. PSG, result and performance of Falcao in the French league | Other football leagues


Monaco returned to show his poor game with the best team in France and this Sunday fell 0-4 against PSG. Radamel Falcao Garcia started off with a 70 minute game, although he was not able to finish the match. VAR was a great protagonist of the meeting.

The first goal for parisians came in 4 minutes in a curious action VAR. Neymar finished his left foot in the center of the area, but Cavani pressed him only to 0-1, but the central referee was sentenced to the spot and overturned the goal. The game continued and almost two minutes later the Referee returned to give it a valid result and was the first goal of the visitor.

The second entry was not long in the future. Diaby swam again to the right and gave Cavani, who stretched and sent him back into the net. Once again it seemed that the VAR was checking out of the steering wheel, but luckily, the game started in a legal position and valid from 0-2.

Monaco did not lose the desire to launch an attack with a lot of incentive, but in the Isola arena rarely created dangerous opportunities. Falcao, who was one in the attack, has consistently fought with Thiago Silva and Kimpembe, but he could not have any clear action.

In the second half, the PSG attack was restarted and in 53 minutes Cavani regained the middle of the area where no one blocked the way. 0-3 was a clear sign of the superiority of the Parisians against Monaco, which does not rise and is increasingly joining at the bottom of the table. Neymar mounted an heated attack on the side of the penalty area after 64 minutes.

Falcao left the field in the virtual world for 70 minutes, while Henry is still looking for variants for the weak moment of his team. In addition, the French coach did not win because he took over the team of the Principality.

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