In the audio | Readers EL HERALDO think of Santa Fe vs Junior


At 7:45 pm at the El Campin stadium, Santa Fe and Junior will play first place in the Copa Sudamericana semi-final.

From 7:45 p.m. this Thursday, when blowing a whistle that begins with the Junior soccer match against Santa Fe, the shark box will look for the last step to its first continental finale.

Through Wasapee, readers EL HERALDO expressed their opinion about a game in which they agreed that they would have a difficult game in the Atletico team, but they have a football to prove a better win.

"Junior has to show the hierarchy to face the semi-finals," said player Barranquille Jesús Torres. Pablo Valiente of Riohach said the team must "go to the attack and have control in the defense area."

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