¿How can I use my WhatsApp mobile devices in every cell?


Entre los colombianos cada vez It's more normal than cell phones in the labor market. The problem with radicals is that we have our own instant messaging, WhatsApp, and los dos terminals.

This is an opportunity to learn about a truce with the eld cual will double your cue on our device to chat on chat in remote distant temps.

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Cabe destacar que los chats Estarán disponibles en ambos dispositivos se problema alguno. The clave is that it is a terassment application that helps to emulate a sense of how to use the verse web.

La aplicación se llama ZapClone they are encour- ing in the Play Store solo para Android.

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You will be able to install the application in their main cell (whatever you want to WhatsApp) and enter it, for example Verify the configuration of the app a QR code, that's the proposition on the web site of the service web site. Al ver el este código, escanéelo con su celular principal.

Cabe destacar que las língua sobre los mismas que en la web browser de la aplicação.

Note: Its main cause is the decline of the Internet and the Internet for this purpose.

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