Historic Medal for Boxing of Colombian Women | Other sports

Three judges gave the same score in favor of the Colombian, 28-29, while two others gave the victory to India by 30-27 and 29-28.

It should be noted that Jessica Kaisosto, thanks to the boxing competition system in all its championships, gives a gold medal, one silver and two bronze, for those who lost the semifinals, so in the worst case, the Colombian was among The best of his kitties has already fixed the bronze.

In the semi-finals, the national boxer will face the Belarussian Victoria Cebukawa, which also defeated the points, 4-0, to the Kazakh farizata sholtay.

And according to the competition plan, the semi-final coin will be played tomorrow, November 22 and forward to the last, Jessica Paola will have two days off since all the weight partial finals are scheduled for Saturday, November 24.

Yesterday is also in the competition Yeni Arias, who lost to the points against India Sonya in the five-kilometer featherweight (57 kilos) women's boxing championships that were disused in New Delhi.

Sonia hit Aias 4-1 on the jokes & cards, and in the semi-finals she will fight against the North Korean Jo Son Hwa, who just hit the Australian Skye Nicolson 5-0.

In the Orbital Contest, the Olympic bronze medalist Ingretta Valencia, in the part of 51 kilograms, and the ex-professional of Boxing Dandana Cordero, in the 60 kilograms, were eliminated.

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