He transplanted his lungs and died of lung cancer

As if I did not believe, a the woman received a double lung transplant After an emergency surgery, when he suffered from cystic fibrosis, what seemed to have saved his life became his trial and death. After a "successful" operation and an apparent recovery, he developed lung cancer that took life.

When symptoms began, doctors began to study with a view to finding out what failed in the operation when they discovered that it was transplanted in the lungs of a smoker.

They transfuse their lungs and die of lung cancer. Photo: Pixabay

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"According to the donor database, the transplanted lungs belonged to a 57-year-old woman who smoked cigarettes every day for 30 years," says a study by medical oncologists at the Montpellier University Hospital.

In 2017, an unfortunate woman was admitted to a hospital breast cancer unit, efforts to resolve her life were extensive, but she needed two months for lung cancer to take her life.

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A short time between lung transplantation and the onset of the first radiological anomaly suggests that carcinogenesis began in the life of the donor, adds the authors of the study.

They transfuse their lungs and die of lung cancer. Photo: Pixabay

According to an unusual case, doctors suggested that lung transplantation and any other organ coming from donors who recently smoked or have recently left tobacco are treated with greater caution.

It should be noted that, according to experts, cancer is developing rapidly due to immunosuppressive treatments to which the patient was exposed to prevent the rejection of a recent transplant.

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