Gris, an artistic and minimalist Spanish game, announced its release date for Nintendo Switch and PC


A few months ago, we introduced a video game that took our attention too much. From artistic elements from different games like Travel or movies like Spirited Away, Gray This is an Indian proposal Nomada Studios, Spanish developer. Its special significance lies in the fully operational graphic and sound part: a world full of pastel colors and a melancholic soundtrack, accompanying the path of overcoming a small chaos to happiness.

We start in the gray scenario, but this will change according to our emotions and where music will have a revealing and primary tone. Her colors in the watercolor convey the tranquility, emphasized by evocative sound and competitive style with the mechanics of famous platform games.

Well, Nintendo has confirmed the exact date of arrival of this exciting video game on the hybrid console Switch and thus on all computers. Gray will arrive on December 13 at a price of 15 dollars.

For a long time, there is a debate that revolves around video games: should they also be considered as art? The controversy is shown in favor and against, but no one can doubt the beauty of graphics, soundtrack or narrative that many have.

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