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For his attributes, Melina Ramírez receives a jocular comment from his brother-in-law


The presenter and model Melina Ramírez Continue to attract the fans of his fans with a series of sensual photographs that leave more than one breathless.

Pregnancy pregnancy has not been an inconvenience for her to show her beauty in social networks, conversely. A few weeks after she was a mom, she continues to share with her followers some of the best moments of this beautiful process Of Maternity

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Recently Melina shared a sensual photograph where she goes out with white lingerie and covers her belly with a white veil. But the image that caught his attention was his brother's comment Isaac Carvajal

"Mona you can see the Pochekas respect", Was the note by Melina's brother-in-law. To what this model responded,"Why do you look at this? Respect yourself."

The note caught the attention of his followers who considered him out of tune, but the emoji who accompany the stories show that this is just a joke.

However, in the publication you can see some comments from his followers that criticize his photos on Instagram. “I want to talk about pregnancy, but do I show my breasts? Is this the new mode? ”, Melina Please have more modesty! "Some of the articles she received were".

However, others have not hesitated to praise the beauty of the model that was unquestionably healthy pregnant.

"How amazing you are at this final stage of pregnancy and you're a bomb," "The most beautiful mom," “Always beautiful. Divine Mummy. "

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