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Although series, films and soap operas show Colombian capo Pablo Escobar like a Robin Hood, not that. Although he was fortunate enough to help the poor, he took many innocent lives.

The book with my life and my prison Pablo Escobar, The great secrets of Victoria Eugenia Henao's widow, is the mafioso who has never told you how much money he has paid for his death? says Infobae.

The enemies are known: members of the then Cali and North Valley Cartels, former partners, authorities Columbian, Americans and paramilitaries. Everyone has created a group to seek and kill.

The new data, which the mother of Escobar's mother said, is that every enemy's "cow" (collection) has been prepared to collect enough money to be able to meet that goal. A total of $ 220 million was collected at the time, 25 years ago.

With this money, the operations would be funded by their search and capture. The Escobar was killed on December 2, 1993 on a house where he was hiding Medellinthe Colombian armed forces stood there.

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