Eln freed José Leonard Ataye, son of former governor of Arauca – peace process – Politics

After seven and a half months of abduction, José Leonardo Ataya, son of Luis Eduard Atay, former governor of Arauca, was released on guerrilla group ELN on Tuesday.

The news was confirmed by the same former governor Ataya, who in his interview with EL TIEMPO expressed his fortune to meet again with his son, who was born on 28 March by guerrillas in the rural town of Arauca.

"It was a very long, seven and a half months of fighting, and in meetings with many people to be able to release it today, thank God"Said the former governor.

The same Luis Eduardo Ataya had to go to Eln's camp in Venezuela to negotiate the release of his son because of the kidnapping for extortion since the beginning.

The former governor said his son was healthy and emotional. In addition, following the release in the sector, called Esmeralda, his son moved to Arauca and, if everything goes according to plan, he will go to Bogota tonight.

The liberation of José Leonard, father of his father, was achieved after the family paid the amount demanded by guerrillas.

"The liberation of Leonard was an economic and extraordinary payment. They were published publicly and I have to pay in order to be released. Later, I will tell you the reasons, specifications and value that was paid for it, "said the former governor.


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