Daniel Arenas farewell to television, after 9 years as an exclusive artist


Daniel Arenas can not feel more "happy" and "privileged" to be part of the telenovelas hit "My husband has a family," whose second season is currently being played at Univision from Monday to Friday at 9am.

"This is a project that has been more successful in the past two years, and for me the head of this project is truly honored. This makes me feel very good," says the Colombian actor in an exclusive interview with People in Español.

Only with this telenovelist, a 39-year-old interpreter completes his cycle on television, as his exclusive contract with the company has just ended.

"This project meets a very important and very valuable cycle in the company. I think they had 9 years of great growth, a lot of learning and a lot of experience and I think everything goes through something," says the gallant from the melodrama "Unsatisfactory Heart".

"I feel very privileged to leave the last two of the most successful projects that the company had. I think I'm going out through the big door," added Arenas.

Now, for the first time in years, he is a freelance artist and can work wherever he wants, the player still does not know in what direction he will do his career.

"I do not know what will really happen. I do not know if I will continue, I will look for other directions. The truth is, I have not decided yet, it's not yet defined, but this is the cycle I write in these many years in which I was excluded from the company, "acknowledges Arenas.

A player who does not feel sad or troubled by his uncertain career prospects wants the exclusivity contract to end as an opportunity for growth.

"I am 39 years old and I think it's a good time to think about many things. I'm always putting things in God's hands, of course, I'm working to make things happen, but I want my God to be a guide at this stage, which is now beginning for me, "she says.

"It's completely self-explanatory and full of faith that even bigger and more valuable things can come to my professional and personal lives," he adds.

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