Centro Democrático criticizes the documentary of Negotiations – Cine and TV – Cultura


The 29th and 30th of November and the 1st of December 2011 are programmed by Cine Colombia to publish the documentary 'La Negociación', Margarita Martínez, who retreats the history of the lakes and barriers between the colonial gamblers and the Farc guerrilla.

Este martes 27 de noviembre, The Democrático memoros manifest in social circles in contrast to the production, as well as to the senator Alvaro Uribe of the "Enemy of the Pace".

Uribe is now calling and writing on Twitter a message directed to Cine Colombia: "It's easy to see what we have to do to Fernando Londoño and to the people of the world" (sic).

An respuesta, You will be promoted to the promo # IréAVerLaNegociación, pues it is a very intense censorship in the part of the Centro Democrático.

Aunque Cine Colombia has confirmed that exhibiting will be in production programs, and its web platform will provide information on documentaries.

For the moment, Munir Falah, president and CEO of Cine Colombia, has been posting a Twitter message that will allow the situation.


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