A group of young people is building U. Nacional in Bogota


The youth took the structure of Urielle Gutierrez and ensured that this was a peaceful protest. The event occurs less than 24 days after the dialogue with the government was suspended.

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Group young, who declared themselves to be students National University, were taken in the morning on Wednesday institution building to request, as they stated, for "Lack of political will" of the government National to tackle the financial crisis of public universities.

The recording was recorded after 9am in the morning and after the first versions of the young They set the chain to the main gate of the building Uriel Gutiérrez, who forcibly evicted.

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A statement of those allegedly protested was issued with social networks. Inside her, they claim that acceptance is peaceful and that the measure is part student mobilization in the defense of higher education.

"With this calm take, we express our own rejection of the lack of political will of the national government to resolve the requirements of the university community that had caused the breakdown of the dialogue yesterday, "the young people say in a letter rejecting cooperation of the Dolly Montoya River in an agreement between the system of state universities (SUE) and President Iván Duque, "This does not solve the cardinal aspects of the crisis and thus does not know the community of the university".

The students are asking the government Restore the dialogue table and request political will "find effective solutions for student movement demands". In addition, national directives are required install a spreadsheet, not revenge on students and provide academic conditions for the end of the semester.

"We are officially declaring this from this moment Uriel Gutierrez building is emigrated and under the supervision of students. We invite directives, especially the rector, to respond immediately to our demands, "added the youth in the statement.

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