10 National Sins in 2018

In 2018, four deaths hit National, who stripped him of the title and forced him to settle for sanctuary in Copa Águila, which led him to seek a place in the group phase of the Libertadores in the previous round of direct exclusion in 2019.

Technik Paulo Autuori He called for peace and assured that the League League had to make the same changes that they would now have to take in order to have a better future. But then, such changes will occur soon in order to take advantage of preseason for a year with high demand. Ten fateful moments.

1. Four techniques in 17 months
After leaving Reinaldo Ruede, in June 2017, Juan Manuel Lillo was hired, which arrived on March 27 of the same month. It only takes 6 months. He left on December 5, after being eliminated in the quarter-finals of the tournament. On December 20, they named Jorge Almirona, who came with great enthusiasm and could not celebrate a major campaign; On August 20, 2018 he resigned.

Hernán Darío Herrera was in charge of 18 matches between the League and the Cup, reaching the finals of the latter and winning the championship. It reached the place in the previous stage of the Copa Libertadores-2019. On 2 November, Brazilian Paulo Autuori was announced, who arrived and led 2-2 against the Lions that were eliminated.

2. Reorganization of management
In the past 20 months, Nacional has changed its president three times. According to Juan Carlos de la Cuesta, who was seven years old and left on March 28, 2017, the governing board elected Andreas Boter Phillipsbourne, who was president until 8 February 2018.

In turn, the club has made Juan David Pérez, a leader with no professional football experience, such as Botero. Also in recent months came the departure of the head of sport, Víctor Marulanda, who went to Europe to train. President Pérez reiterated that he was seeking an expert to fill in the vacancy that Marulanda had left.

3. Without the Superleague title
The year began for a pursla club with a bitter taste because although the pre-season pre-season title at the Floridine Cup provided a good start in the process of Argentine Jorge Almiron, he later lost the title of Superliga to millionaires after tying 0-0 in El Campino and losing Atanasio Girardot 1-2 in front of the main city.

At the time, Captain Alexis Henríquez demanded patience from the fans and told Win Sports that he "understood the disadvantage of losing the trophy with the millionaires. But we must understand that we are in the new process and that we will get stronger from this defeat in order to make an excellent season." Big debt

4. Lost the league finals 1-2018
Technician Almirón managed to keep Nacional in the first place of league league 1 in the last 11 days against everyone. Soon she moved to Cala in the quarter to reach the semi-finals in front of Huila. After two free-throw drawings he defeated the casts, who decided to take the penalty 4-2 to settle in the final. The title is challenged before Tolima; in Ibagué won 0-1 and lost home 1-2 (and from eleven steps he fell 2-4). "We have to be convinced of the merits that we had to challenge in the final, and we can understand and correct the mistakes that lead us to the title. In the second semester we will be protagonists," said the Argentine strategist at the beginning of this semester. It was not even fulfilled.

5. Elimination of Copa Libertadores
Nacional, who tried to return to the good campaign in Libertadores after the last part in his group in 2017, fell into the second round against Atlético Tucumán of Argentina, a weaker "a priori" rival of the eight and despite the fact that this defeated him 2-1 on a global overview. In the first stage he first finished in Group B with 10 points, followed by Colo Colo and Bolívar, Eight and Delfin from Ecuador, seven. However, the premature elimination was a major backlog for the Argentine project, largely due to the recent success of the Lanús transfer to the final of the Cup and a campaign, which was closer to the 2016 title, was expected to be expected

6. Unsuccessful contractual agreement
Nationals hired 15 players this year, but most did not fit into decent performance. Among them are Omar Duarte, Camilo Zuniga, Rafael Delgado, Reinaldo Lenis, Carlos Rivas, Juan P. Ramirez, who had no difference. Among the outstanding names are Helibelton Palacios, who returned to Selección and Jormana Campuzana, especially those for which the club recently invested about 1,300 million euros to be able to follow. 21 players left green, mostly due to not entering sports plans. By 2019, fans are asking others to leave because of poor performance. This small success triggered instability.

7. Low efficiency of references
In some cases, injuries prevented players from claiming and calling themselves protagonists to compete with high levels. This was the case of Daniel Bocanegre, Felipe Aguilar, Alexis Henríquez and Vladimir Hernández, absent in important parts of the year.

Another important loss of green damage was the young and effective central Carlos Cuesta.

In addition to these medical unforeseen events, players' interruptions, such as Aldo Leao Ramírez and Dayro Moreno themselves, appeared to be unsuccessful despite criticism of the fans, even though they were the best shooter of the team. His irregularities and errors in key games were the reasons.

8. Discipline and departure Dayra
The theme of Dayro Moreno began to cause discomfort from the departure of Jorge Almiron, who apparently did not accept some errors of Chicoral, Tolima (undiscipline), who became incompetent because he was the best shooter (10 goals in the current tournament). The rumors talked about the inconvenience of several players and the discussions in wardrobe and training. On the 14th day by League Águila-2, against Cali at Atanasio, the situation was exposed: Jeison Lucumí and Dayro were fighting on the court, which ended with the expulsion of the first. The day after, Dayro got a license and Lucumí had less punishment.

9. Quick decisions
Prior to the departure of Almir, Hernán Darío Herrera's directors were called for interim attempts to try to restore the operation of the injured team. With some moves on the payroll, the title of the Águila Cup came. He had initiatives, such as the involvement of psychologist Luis Alfonso Sosa, who was important for improving the emotional. "The players needed sympathy and renewed their confidence by so much inconvenience," Sosa admitted. Part of the fans said that Autuori came too early and that it was also important for successes and mistakes that Herreri allowed him to finish his lead in which he made important decisions and at least won the tournament.

10. And the degrading elimination, the lid
With a 52% home performance, the purslane team highlighted important points against competitors who were less moderate on paper. He lost Tolima and Bucaramanga with markers 1-2 and 2-3, also bound without goals with Patriotas and Equidad, as well as 1-1 against Millonarios. In this way he missed 15 points in Atanasio, that he had to reach a classification. In connection with this, on the last date when the need to win was left, he was surprised by the cholera and went down to B, Leones, with whom he hurriedly finished drawing 2-2. 30 points did not get to him and he stayed

excluded, cutting series 12 classifications in a row.

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