Zhu Xingchis New Film "The New Comedies of the New Comedies" announced the release of the New Year's Day – movie – cnBeta.COM


The new movie, spoken by Stephanus Chow, explains the title of "The New Comedian" and has released a hand-drawn guide. Pigeons and leaves. The film will be visited nationwide on New Year's Day. The film official blog also announced the work of three directors Stephen Chow at the shooting scene. In the photo, Xingie is really communicating with the crew and actors.

"King of Comedy" is one of Shao Xingchi's masterpieces.Zu Xingchi plays the role of Yin Tianqiu, an extra actor who is full of the bitterness of the world but still obsessed with performances. The film's reputation is quite good , And the dubbing score is as high as 8.6 points. Therefore, many fans have great hopes for the "King of New Comedy", but the movie is still very mysterious, and no list of actors is announced. More news had to wait for the official to serve it later.

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