Vibrato continues to grow high, domestic daily active users exceed 250 million – News – Global IC A starts here –


Vibrato still firmly holds the top spot in the short video field.

January 2019, the daily active user (DAU) of Vibrato has exceeded 250 million, and the monthly user breakthrough (MAU) is 500 million.

Zhang Nan announced the above data at the product briefing session of the video social app "Multi-Flash". Multi-flash is an independent social network launched by Vibrato. It focuses on video socializing to promote the intimacy of young people. Zhang Nan said that ever-increasing users of the Vibrato are generating new social needs, and many flashes have emerged. Vibrato officially entered the social field, causing market attention.

In the second half of the Internet, the Vibrato sounded in the short video field with the black horse occupying it, leading to the rapid development of the industry. In the past two years, short videos have become popular, and as images and texts, they become the way to get and send information. Young users who have grown up at the time of high-definition large-screen smartphones have used images and videos for natural and high-frequency expression.

Just two months ago, on November 8, 2018, Byte Beat's vice president, Zhang Fu, said that as of October 2018, the number of active citizen users of the Vibrato exceeded 200 million, and the monthly active users exceeded 400 million. This means that in about two months, the daily life and monthly lives of Vibrato grew by 25%. Zhang Fu also said that the overseas version of Vikyu has achieved breakthroughs in many countries, and the overall internationalization is progressing smoothly and growing at high speed.

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