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Hamlet stills.
Li Liyyi studio for photo A great white steel ball is suspended in the air, symbolizing the sun. Figure / Wang Xiaoing The actors performed with sound, face and body performance. Figure / Wang Xiaoing

【文艺 谭】

Recently, Li Liyi's "Hamlet" was staged at the National Center for Performing Arts (November 28 to December 5). He said he did not do anything because the show was presented to give a strong sense of "John Quixote." Don Quixote, you know, this old knight lives in a dream, with an antimeli Zhuang Jing heart, fighting for the illusion of Dursya. Lee Liu also lives in a dream, with an antimeli Zhuang Jingzhi, wanting to reverse the image of Hamlet, which is subdivided by contemporary thought and contemporary aesthetics for decades, to delete the first "free self artist" (black).

Reflecting that multicultural shakespeare is once due to politics

In contemporary literature and art, it is difficult to "stand" as "break", "beauty" is more difficult than "ugly", "integration" is more difficult than "one", and "equilibrium" is more difficult than "extreme ". Or it may be said that the former is almost impossible – it is considered "wrong" because it is difficult to find in the world, the last is almost necessary – it seems "real" because it is everywhere. The latter takes only one end, and finally, the end is enough to succeed. The question is almost every year you see at least one version of Hamlet in different versions, or in the middle or in the west, three of the impressions are the best, they all win with "extreme" and "subversion".

Luke Perser's German Talia Theater is an adaptation of the sentence – Hamlet's pale and weak head is drilled from the abyss of the obsessional selfish ferocious mind, the image is ugly, hysterical, and the king of the world, Claudi's appearance is neat and neat, and all three wear a crown, suggesting the homogeneous status and soul, and the real meaning of hamlet and his son.

Ockork Korsunowow Lithuanian Ukto troupe version – the whole scene is like a massacre crime scene in a dressing room. Hamlet's blood is not less than a skating king.

Thomas or Maya's German Shoobner Theater Edition – The whole drama is based on the black film style, the band of characters, the obesity and inaction of Hamlet, and completes the spiritual subversion under the "playing the basic loyalty to the original. "

The versions begin with the Hamlet's classic and perfect aristocratic image, challenging the justice of the prince's revenge, questioning and presenting the evil power (the original sin of the "prints" status), and the ugly alienation and powerlessness of human nature Yourself. This is the result of the intolerance of European democratic ideas in the stage of Shakespeare after the war. Behind Hamlet's Frost is a political correct confession.

When Shakespeare is born, it is complete and three-dimensional. "Shakespeare's unique greatness lies in his ability to express his character and personality." "Shakespeare's character accommodates a variety of perspectives" (Harold Brown B).

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