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Transformers "Bumblebee" on the first day of the box office easily broke 100 million action drama "Feast in the Iron" sparkling

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The first "Transformers" series "Bumblebee" filmed together by Paramount Pictures and Tent Pictures of the United States officially landed in mainland China. The first day of the film box office broke 100 million, not just the box office all the way up, the film's score on the main film platform also held a strong momentum, can be said that the box office reputation is both red. At the same time, the film released today "cast open" poster and a special word of mouth, the superhero bumblebee is aggressive, unstoppable.

Like the super powerful and most popular movie in the 2019 year, "Bumblebee" achieved 73% of the market box office parts with 50% of the film, easily broken by the 100,000,000 mark, and was far ahead of other films at the same time; The box office's triumph is due to a good reputation, the scores of the film just scored 9.1 points and 8.9 points at the cat's eye and the Taobao ticket respectively. The audience is acclaimed on various social platforms. Said they "do not live up to expectations, not to be missed" less people say they would go to the second brush. Being able to get such a result shows that the "Bumblebee" was very well-attested by the market and the audience.

In today's word-of-mouth special edition, reporters of the main mainstream media and older "powder" have also scored high marks for the film – Tenent Reporter 耿 Lord Bluntly "Bumblebee" is the perfect restart of the series of films "Global screen reporter praised the film as" The Most Temperature-Changing Transformers Movie "; Transformers fans in this port think the film is worth 9.5 points," the most perfect shape in history, laughter and tears! "

In addition, the film also exposed a "War Open" version of the poster, the Bumblebee with an enemy two, and the Decepticons stock break and reflection bombs sparked a life-and-death showdown, and in the film, the Blood Fighting can be a great highlight among them. The "Transformers" series has always been known for its thrilling action scenes, the Hornet keeping these elements in this respect. The design of the scene, he also brought the same cool feeling to the "Bumblebee". It is worth noting that the film's action lens has the power of the previous series, but also short, strong, clear and smooth, and complete combat style. The actors and punches of iron, sparks and splashes are very sensational! "" The drama action has added the elements of martial arts, shovel feet, locks, scissors feet and so on! Looking at the two & # 39; Giants & # 39; One-on-one competition, it's really new! "It is previewed that such a breakthrough and creative, adrenaline-enhancing action scene is bound to bring a new visual experience to the audience.

In addition to the action game, the super-combat power contrast of the Bumblebee has become another great eye-catching weapon. Many fans screamed at the Hunnet after hitting the shadow, "The Bumblebee is actually the cosmic level is cute, The battle mode can be cool in the second. Like who doesn't want such a bumblebee? "The whoring that is violent in wartime, sold on a weekday and has a changeable image, is dedicated to becoming the super idol of New Year.

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