The top suspect was arrested for drug trafficking, and he loved a 10-year-old boy and had a son.


After Chen Yufan's drug abuse was arrested, the first international summit was arrested for trafficking drugs with his girlfriend! It is the "first poison" in the entertainment industry in 2019.

Speaking from the top, many young networks may feel unfamiliar, especially those who don't feel much about sports. The company that Pik is familiar with is no more than "the former British boyfriend." Na Ying and Gao Feng are northern fellows, both born in Shenyang, Liaoning. Many people say that style is not separated. At this time, the pinnacle of football and the singer's singer had a decade.

Sewing everyone should be very familiar with it. There aren't a few netherlands that grew up in her songs. In the music world, more than 20 years, Na Ying and many of the small fresh meat, originally debuted by the competition program, released its first album in 1994. This is the year of the year. British top ties, the two fell in love between 1995 and 2005, when in 2004, Na Ying also received a top cashmere section, named happy it is now 15 years old.

Not long after the birth of the child, the two broke up, and the reason why the breach was passed, during the pregnancy, the top was born. The time of the uniqing pic calculates the time of uniqing pic together to be the top term of British career development. I chose to be together in the key time of my career and peak. This time was really love is at its peak.

After the break, the British career was still smooth, and later I met her current husband. The two married and had a daughter, Xiaooxin lived with her mother, and his relationship with her stepfather was very harmonious. On the other hand, life from the top seems to be not so smooth. It is now arrested for drug trafficking. You have to know that drug trafficking and drug use are different, and the circumstances are much more serious. Many Networks said: I really want to thank the top of the year's unprecedented grace.

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