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Original title: "Yan" is the word of the word

"Strict" is the beginning of the word
– Written on the eve of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection

Recently, YOU MINI, Secretary of the provincial party committee, presided over the 2018 annual Democratic life meeting of the provincial party committee standing committee to study in depth, and learned the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Shi Jinping in democratic Party's Democratic Life Meeting and the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The spirit of the important words of these three planetary sessions showed that we must adhere to the "rigorous" word, promote the comprehensive and rigorous management of the party and develop in depth, depending on the punishment of both the symptoms and the root sides, and Continuously channel the overwhelming victory into the development of anti-corruption struggles.

It is not just a clerical attitude of the provincial party commission, but also a demand for all party members and cadres in the province.

The provincial party committee has always increased the party's political responsibility for regulating the party, its rules and regulations, its practical measures, and the actual situation on the eve of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 11th Provincial Commission. Discipline Inspection, in 2018. Discipline discipline inspection and supervision at all levels in the province failed to relax the constitution and duties of the constitution. , Not stopped, and then off. The party style and political style are one of the most important.

In 2018, we consciously four "two maintenance", and political discipline is more severe.

Resolutely demonstrate the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the party's party security and centralizing and unified leadership security are the highest political principles, fundamental political rules and primary principles for party organizations and all party members at all levels in the Great reason for promoting socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new times. Political responsibility.

The provincial party committee confirmed "two-tier" as first-party political work, replicas strengthen the party's response composed by the party's central committee, the firm's impetus to the party's central committee's decision, the rigorous execution of the party. The Party Central Committee & # 39; It banishes and the actual action of the Party Central Committee. The discipline of all levels of inspection and supervision of all levels consciously assumes the special historical mission and political responsibility of "two maintenance" and insists on leading by example and strengthening supervision and inspection.

The "three major battles" of the population, depending on the implementation of the party and state institution reform, from seriously investigating the illegal dwarfing of the Dongting Lake to the lake, to serious investigation and punishment, ignoring political discipline and political rules, And engaging in countermeasures under the policy, "three chapters of the law", the sword refers to the problem of serious investigation and punishment of "lifting the basket" for profit, political climbing, and so on. Hunan's various levels have used their own practical actions to promote the effective decision making of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping's effective guiding spirit for Hunan's work. Implementing it.

The situation is really difficult, the political rules of political discipline at all levels are more stringent, and the work is not broken.

In 2018, we continue to maintain high levels of protection against corruption, and anti-corruption does not hold for a moment.

At the end of the year and beginning of the year, a series of investigation and investigation reports are still released from all levels, and continued to maintain the high pressure of punishing corruption, releasing a strong signal that anti-corruption will not Hold on for a moment.

Over the past year, under the strong leader of the Central and Provincial Committees, discipline inspection and supervision at all levels in Hunan insisted on non-forbidden zones, full coverage, zero tolerance, heavy containment insistence, strong high pressure, long Shocks, focus on key areas and key links, and accurate and punitive corruption. The anti-corruption struggle won an overwhelming victory.

With the prediction and implementation of the Supervisory Law and the establishment of the provincial, city and county level three supervisory committees, the party centralized and unified leadership against anti-corruption work was further strengthened, and Hunan's anti-corruption forces have been integrated. .

Data show that in 2018 the discipline procedure and supervision organizations at all levels posted a total of 29,429 cases, 28,290 cases, and 27,503 cases, the investigation and investigation of 96 provincial cadres and 883 section-level cadres, recovery from 12 countries and regions 23, recovering 69.65 million yuan from overseas.

The attitude is unchanged, the stability is not reduced, the weight is not loose, and the anti-corruption war of justice, Hunan is playing stronger and stronger.

In 2018, we adhere to the people-centered, and constantly enhance the sense of acquisition, happiness, and security.

Recently, the Law Enforcement Department of the disciplines of the joint efforts, when Liyongong case, which is of great concern to all circles, was pronounced in the first instance.

The investigation and judgment of this case was one of the important achievements of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Provincial Supervisory Committee, which "accurately" swords "and destroyed its" protective umbrella "in eliminating evils.

Black and evil forces, people hate it. The "protective umbrella" behind it is even more worrying.

Increasing investigation and punishment of corruption and corruption with muscles around the muscles has always been the focus of discipline inspection and supervision. In 2018 the discipline inspection and supervision bodies at all levels combined the punishment of "fly grid" with growing routs smuggling and smuggling, and investigating and investigating 653 cases involving black corruption and "protective umbrella", and giving 424 party and government responsibilities to 184 people and giving 424 party and government responsibilities to 184 people . And transferred 36 people to the judiciary. At the same time, all levels were closely watching the corruption problems that might exist in the areas of poverty light and relocation, dilapidated housing renovation, industrial poverty and environmental construction, and unchanged the vital interests of the masses.

The problem "head" is the problem of the problem, and the company is striving for progress, treating both symptoms and root sides, and the doctors before and after the punishment. Under heavy punches, people enjoy anti-corruption "dividends", gaining a sense of beneficial, happiness and safety, and fully embracing people-centered development thinking.

In the past, they were all proliferated. The new horn is able to beat. Hunan is accused of promoting the comprehensive management of the party to the grassroots community, predicting in depth, consolidating and developing the overwhelming victory in anti-corruption struggle and protecting society's peace. (Shi Wei correspondent reporter Zhang bin)

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