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2019-01-05 03:59:24 Source: Fx 168 Finance

Original title: stock market rebound to improve market risk sentiment oil price is expected to close for six consecutive days on Friday

FX168 Financial News (Hong Kong) NewsInternational oil prices continue their gains on Friday (January 4), with an increase of over 4%. It was rising for the sixth consecutive trading day. The strong rebound in the stock market has effectively improved the market's risk sentiment. The organization's (OPEC) Cats in production seem to be starting to work, but last week's surge in the US. There. Refined oil inventories cause oil prices to shine sharply. US $ There. WTI crude oil futures price is high at 49.22 US dollars. There. Dollars / barrel, Brent crude oil futures price hit a maximum of 58.30 US dollars. There. Dollars / Barrel.

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell has expressed a speech today to be patient with the interest rate hike in the future. This was interpreted by the market as a German signal, which helped the stock market rise sharply and the risk assets such as crude oil were also boosted.

On the other hand, China has confirmed that it will return to high-level trade talks with the United States next Monday, hoping to stop trade disputes, which have made the US market very difficult.

Even so, the US. There. Crude oil inventory released later in the day turned to bearish. According to the latest data from the US. There. Energy information management (EIA), US There. Crude oil inventories and production were basically flat last week, but gasoline inventories increased by nearly 7 million barrels, while Surged refined oil inventories accounted for nearly 10 million barrels, both on average five years. The market outlook is overshadowed.

John Killdiff, a partner in energy hedge fund again capital, said: "In view of the surge in refined oil inventories, this inventory report is very bad."

At 1:45 pm Beijing time. There. WTI crude oil futures cost is reported at 47.88 US dollars. There. Dollars / Barrel.

(US WTI Raw Oil Futures Price 60 Minutes Chart, Source: Fx 168 Financial Net)

At 1:45 pm Beijing time, Brent crude oil futures cost is $ 56.99 / barrel.

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