Solving the solution, except for Evergreen asset mortgage, was once again dismissed by Jia Yeting's short-selling FF conspiracy – industry – 21 kN


  1. In order to solve the problem, the mortgage of the Evergreen Assets was once again participated. Owning Ji Yeteing's Short Selling FF Conspiracy Is Depressed – Industry 21N
  2. Faraday announced the "making a car book" in the future. The new financing is still not available.
  3. Ff China employees: Evergrande took over Ff China – News CNbeta
  4. Statement Evergrand fully took over PH China, Foxconn has been confirmed to put off employees in the US. Weibo confirms the acquisition of a live broadcast reading Feng Morning Input Leipone
  5. Jia Yueting Hengzhong Bureau Central Bureau: The two sides disputed to continue the Nansha new energy project stranded
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