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2019-01-17 16:33:09 Source: World wide web

"Time teaches me how to love you," endless Qi Xiangyi youth invincible

The fashion sweet pet work drama "Time Teaches Me to Love You" in the second quarter of the last season, and also called the finale of the whole drama since the Broadcasting on December 10, the lineup of high- ups and downs Countless fans of the plot. Among them, actor Kai Xiangyu, who plays the role of Maggie, has been one of the hot topics because of her longing.

"Time to Teach Me To Love You", adapted from the popular novel of the same name, particularly popular for sweet pet work, Maggie, who spits the secret secretary in the game, is ridiculed by the nether: one person off the flag Workplace. The entire dedicated secretary is also the most dedicated secretary, Miss Sester also due to the singular value of the role of a dog food frenzy role in the exclusive wave of hot discussion.

It is reported that Qi Xiangyu's new drama "Why is it not drunk with him?" Recently died, and I'm looking forward to more surprises brought by Miss Sister.

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