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2019-01-05 22:50:17 Source: NetEase sport

Network Sports reported on January 5:

On the evening of January 6, Beijing time, the Lianoing team played against the Zhejiang squad on the 29th round of the CBA regular season. Liaoning has now won 17 consecutive victories, establishing the regular team strike. But Zhejiang's opponent also won four consecutive victories in the near future. Many young athletes in the Zhejiang squad have recently done an extraordinary job, with a foreign aid from the former show, 40 points, Brandon-Paul, and Liaoning, a battle of fierce battles.

Watch Guide:

Against both sides: Liaoning team vs Zhejiang team

Time: January 6, 19:35

Contest venue: Shenyang Liaoning Gymnasium

TV broadcast: Liaoning sports, Zhejiang children

Recent developments on both sides:

The Liaoning team challenged the North Control team in the 28th off, under the leadership of Guo Ailun and Hudson, their attentions were more and more blooming. Poor. In the end, Liaoning 119-87 took the North and took 17 consecutive victories, which recorded the regular record of the record. They are ranked 2nd with 24 wins and 4 losses, followed by the Guangdong team.

The Zhejiang team challenged the Jilin team in the final round and they welcomed the new foreign aid Brandon Paul's season debut. In the first half, the Zhejiang team outside the line was completely lost. The three-pointers in the 16-point range made their scores behind the back in the third quarter, they were once opened by Jilin. Double-digit difference. But in the final section, Brandon Paul played well, Zhejiang played a 39-14 one-time offensive and reversed Jilin to 104-93. After winning 4 consecutive victories, the Zhejiang team rose to 12 with 12 wins and 16 losses.

Core matchup:

Hudson vs Brandon-Paul

Hudson has selected the previous downhill and scored 30 points in the final game, including 5 out of 9 from the 3-point line. His personal attack efficiency depends on his three-pointer feel and his acquaintance with Guo Ailun. Once he played his familiar offensive rhythm, Hudson is still the unstoppable "God."

Brandon-Paul last season at the time of his personal debut, his attack region is mainly concentrated in the basket, two-pointer shot, 11 of 19 shots, but the three-point shooting first play only 18 out of 3 performances . After a good physics and fitness of the ball, Brandon Paul needs to stabilize his three-point shot, otherwise it is easily targeted by the opponent's careless defense.

Fighting History:

The two teams played a total of 52 games in history, and the Liaoning team has 42 wins and 10 losses, including 47 regular games and 38 wins and 9 losing in Liaoning. The first round of the regular season this time, Liaoning lost 102-119 to Zhejiang.

Both parties are expected to start:

Liaoning: He Tianyu, Li Xiaoxu, Han Dejune, Hudson, Guo Ailun

Zhangjiang: Wang Zilu, Leh Jiaoao, Brandon-Paul, Wang Yibo, Zhang Dayu

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