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On the morning of December 4, the game mobile phone has recently returned to the public visa. It seems that this time, the game phone can make a difference. Previously, some mobile phone manufacturers also attempted to play mobile phones, but the public's acceptance was not high, and finally ended in failure. Nokia's first mobile phone with its own game – the Nokia 6110, is the first Nokia phone with a built-in snake game.

Like Nokia's N Gage, the Fins are really trying to challenge Nintendo.

The Nokia N-Gage on the left has a form called "Tacos", the D-block on the side of the fuselage can be touched, but the button on the right is not very convenient to use. The player can also be used By bluetooth or connect to the Internet for multiplayer games. At the same time, this is also a mobile phone with Saipan system with all communications functions, and even some good games are available for users to choose from.

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance portable game console on the right has a larger screen (although its CPU performance is weaker) and more convenient operating controls. It can be multiplayer through a gaming cable (or wireless adapter).

Winner: Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. In the past year, its sales reached tens of millions, and N-Gage ended in failure within a year.

Sony also wants to challenge Nintendo in the portable game console market, but Sony did not cut off the PSP and had the same idea as Nokia – combining the console with the phone. Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY has a small touchpad in the middle of the keyboard that can be used to replace the joystick, but the tapepad is not as good as the analogue joystick. What is worse is that XPerias is lying in terms of processing power. System equipment.

Sony's PlayStation Vita has a more powerful GPU and a larger amoeld screen, as well as a better physical button design for a nice operational experience. Vita runs a proprietary system that can affect the gaming experience. Sony also brought some heavyweight games to the platform with some great game developers: "Call of Duty", "Final Fantasy", "God of War", "My World", "Assassin's Creed" and so on.

However, these games are not compatible with Android, and Sony's mobile compartment is not as attractive to the public as Sony interactive entertainment. This means that Xperia Play has almost no special content. One of his common uses is the simulator, which makes it ideal for old school games.

Winner: None. Both devices are not up to expectations, and there are no subsequent version updates.

We pulled back to the present. Nintendo's Suite is really a great success, and the public has forgotten the disappointment of Wii. It is essentially a tablet with a wireless controller, or it can be used as a tablet, which is banned from NVIDIA chips, though NVIDIA has been removed from the mobile site.

Asus Roe Going Phones also have accessories that are gaming mobile phones in gaming phones, including hardware accessories, and even a second screen that can be used to transform the Nintendo 3Ds. Xperia is a game device as a controller, and ROG links its traditional features to a personal computer.

This device has a high refresh rate screen, a binary chipset for higher clock speeds, air cooling and even a desktop display, keyboard and mouse. If all goes well, this phone will have a next version next year. Frequently updated hardware hardware updates are a prerequisite for smooth running PC games (as well as smartphones).

Winner: Nintendo Switch. Admittedly, this is the early stage of the current game Smartphone, and the Center Intelligence and Acceptance are not high. Nintendo's profits have dropped since the launch of this console, and sales of game phones (Asus Roog, Razer, Red Devil, Black Shark, etc.) have not reached record levels.

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