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The 5-minute and 40-second Lunar New Year movie "Page is Page" became the first friend of the circuit in 2019. On January 18, the short film director Zhang Dapeng accepted an exclusive interview with the Beijing news, responding to the feelings after the screen. Screwed, the shooting situation and the questions of the netherlands.

Zhang Dapeng said he was a film business, and the short film was a movie version of the trailer. "The short film was not adjusted from the feature film." The film was repeated, and the participants were not professional actors. Zhang Dapeng also denied the online question of his poverty and consumption of the countryside, saying that "all are relative." Xi Xi Deputy Director of the Department of Communications Law at the University of Political Science and Law, "This is a hot event, but it has the essence of marketing."

Release and dissemination plan

Compared to the free-form release from the vehicle platform, the Weibo platform has a basis for data reporting on the "material".

At 16:00 on January 16, "@ 电影 小 um 佩奇 过大年" Weibo released a comment, the interaction amount is 11.

At 11:00 am on January 17, a marketing number "@ 吐槽 小 才" once again released "עקס is a peek" trailer, a total of 4509 interactions.

Between 17:25 and 22:00 on January 17, it was the peak period of Weibo Traffic starting from "@Tott Focus", a total of 13 marketing accounts are released. # 啥 是 佩奇 # official version of the TWQ, 23 points, 43 points, Wang Sikong and other Super Great V are forwarded, forming a tipping point for Weibo.

The plot is a "grandfather" character

The short film tells the story of Lee Cuba looking for "peck" for his grandson.

A story of the Zhang Dapeng reporter Beijing, the year-end year, when the three-year-old back to the village for a holiday, it is difficult to break the day, the child wants a peck, But he is peggy? The answer was ridiculous. And some people said it was a sexy female anchor on the live website, some people took the same detergent name and some said it was a kind of chess. Walking around, ignorant, and finally Lee Yubao made a "peck" with a blower.

In the morning of January 18, the short film director Zhang Dapeng said in an exclusive interview with the Beijing News Reporter that it was only two days to film the film, it is the filming of the original film from the filming group "Little Pig Pegi throughout the year ". In Huailai County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, "before I started advertising, I was familiar with the terrain and the environment, and I was close to Beijing, I can drive every day." The protagonist "Grandpa" is a vegan character. "At this time we found a few people in the village, he was doing very well and was chosen by us."

Theme is not "consumption poverty"

Zhang Dapeng said the film is not China Mobile advertising, but we have cooperation, but the film for the New Year movie. Although the content is not edited from the feature film, the values ​​conveyed are the same as, "reunions and happiness".

Zhang Dapeng said he was a commercial film director, which is his first feature film. He admits that the film was a "presidency sentence," and the film company found him introducing the copyright. "I have children at home with the producers, and the children as peck, especially for children." He said it was a Greek history. We all like the cartoon image of Page, hope that the film can be used at the Spring Festival. , To send a happy message to everyone. "

■ Viewpoint

Expert: "emotional commercialization" operation

During the interview with Beijing's news, it is actually a marketing event, not a primary explosion, on the afternoon of the 18th, Zhu Shi, deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law Communications Law Center. From the director of the piggy-side, to the film, it's the producer. He did the art in the industry, including the advancement of Wang Sikong Weibo.

Zhu Shi pointed out that the short film director was able to push the audience's tears, turning everyone back home for the New Year, now it seems more successful, the effect is not bad. He believes that the work is relatively well-conceived into the Chinese New Year's concept, and the combination of the pigs and the pegi IP, "marketing is an emotional business."

Zhu Xi has learned from the Beijing News Reporter that "Page is Page" is dedicated in the process of communication. I personally feel that it is creating momentum for the Lunar New Year, and marketing is tied to emotions, although it is "cheap, it works best. Marketing method.

Some voices pointed to the reason why the short film was quickly compensated for the urban and rural and intergenerational gullies in a certain sense. In this regard, Xu Xi believes that "Pek" is only a cultural symbol of this phenomenon-level communication. "I think the real heart is in mobile phones and the Internet."

He told the Beijing News Reporter that the link between the people who stayed in the countryside and the work of the home was the Internet and mobile phones. "Page is just a chopstick in the table, it's simply not on the table".

■ Question & Answer

Beijing News: Is This a Business?

Zhang Dapeng: not very accurate. In fact, the movie of real-life animation is also taken by me. So in fact, I took a video of the announcement of my own movie and helped to promote it.

Beijing News: What do you think is the reason why the short film is "hot"?

Zhang Dapeng: I think it must be the point of Page, it's heat, self-contained trucks, maybe I've done a good job, it may be the reason for style, and what we want to do is to communicate happiness.

Beijing News: What is the original intent of shooting this short film?

Zhang Dapeng: Actually, everyone is discussed together, how can we be more interesting, so I just want to shoot a short film. Because I will shoot a lot of stories about going to New Year with friends at the Spring Festival, I often go to the countryside to the movie, sometimes I will make some assumptions: many young people in rural areas go out to work, And the rest of the age is at home. Some old men are very slippery with their mobile phones, some old men are stubborn and do not want to use smart phones, so if he wants to receive the information from Page, this process may be more interesting and difficult.

Beijing News: How did Grandpa's "page" design?

Zhang Dapeng: it was originally a blower. Life is cooking and blowing stoves. In fact, it was a stalk for what is like a hair dryer.

Beijing News: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the film?

Zhang Dapeng: I do not know what the advantages and disadvantages I have, because I have to pay attention to what I am happy, and that is in line with my own heart. It's also normal to play, it's not super standard. Particularly I think it's because Pek's heat is also here, I just play it normally. I don't think there is any harm, because my film style is more severe, and the scripture is my income, so I have this scripture, and I want it.

Beijing News: Is the trailer so hot, will it be stressed?

Zhang Dapeng: I think everyone should be tolerant. But after reading this short film, you should know that our team is very professional. Our short film and positive film team are the same team, including photographers and directors are our own people. But the positive film we make children's films, and there is no social property attribute like these people said. (Reporter Li Yankee Intern Luo Yi)

Charge Editor: Xu Mei

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