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Original title: new single Zhao Wei Qiao "One Man" on the line Publicly playing video, November 12 (Xinhuanet) On November 11, the start of the last single Zhao Xiaoqiao "One Man" began, and also released the music version of "One Man".

Zhao Yuqiao launches latest single "One Man"

As one of the unique masterpieces of winter Zhao Yuqiao, "One Man" is different from the determination of the English scale in the previous "Farewell, thank you." Zhao Yuqiao used his loud voice to sing the silence of "one person". .

With almost monologous and sensitive voice, Zhao Yuqiao fully explains the story of each individual patient. She said she hopes she will bring resonance and comfort to all individuals with the song "One Man".

It should be noted that early "Goodbye, Thank You" was also created by Zhao Yuqiao. In addition, in 2016, Zhao Yuqiao was popular in the program "Battle of Scorpio" with the modified version of "Fire in the fireworks". This year, "It's singing" is also very good. (End)

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