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The TV series "New Condor Heroes" exposed the first package of posters yesterday, which immediately triggered a hot discussion among netizens. Today, his official blog shares more shows from the show, and the gods and couples appeared. In the "New Gods and Heroes", the nightmare is played by Yang Guo, Mao Xiaohui plays the role of little dragon girl, and the posters exposed yesterday may be excessive P pictures and strange nose shadows. I have started to use the p image. In today's style, it seems that the nose is normal. It's the "sweet" of the Shendiao couple you got it?


The whole interpretation of the TV version of the ancient music and Li RuoXi made many 80 and 90s to remember, and Liu Yafi played the little dragon girl to let the fairy sister in the hearts of the people, as well as where Cayhlian Version of the little black dragon girl, Chen Yixi version of the p map through the netizen, in short, all impressive. After reading the depths, how many points you give to the new "Condor Heroes"?

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