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From December 14th to the final countdown stage, "My Neighbor Totoro" finally announced the latest trailer film.Of

In this one-minute long comment, not only the classic repaired the warm scene of the young sister Xiaomei and the Tortoise when she first met, the MyAzaki brush returned to the true beauty of the country, and the true feelings of her sister When she wrote to her mother. In the mysterious tree hole, the Dora's Dodge chase, and the totaro bus, which is always in the emergency moment, and Hazaishi, let the population's happy scores be fully explored.

"My Neighbor Totoro" not only won more than 70,000 viewers on the cat-eye movie of the ticket-selling platform, but also on the main indicators such as the pre-sale box office, the Weibo theme list and the Baidu hot search Index on the first day. , All leading other tasks to be displayed.

Leading the same film to be filmed

The opening comment is the classic passage of the naughty and lively sister Xiaomei's first encounter with Meng Meng's sluggish dragon cats. The wines are green, like the mysterious tree hole in the fairy tale world. Xiaomei rolls over the soft and furry belly of the totaro, and the heart of the heart is fascinating. Together with Hawaiian Light and Dynamic Soundtrack, a truck drove through the green hills of the Japanese countryside, and opened a golden path. The beautiful woods and rivers in the oil paintings have leaked a family of three happy figures. In the story of her sister Xiaoyue love for her mother, only the childhood memories that are unique to the film and that were rebounding for a long time to come. There is also a shining accompaniment of chinchilla in the rainstorm and a chinchilla bus flying fast in the field, hitting memories.

Warm heart totore helps ginger welfare premiere gives true love powder

As a classic animated film with a story, "My Neighbor Totoro" is not only one of the important works of the Miami-Dade career, but also a milestone in the creation of Gablibi Studio. Because the film production process was difficult and the investment was huge, gaily once faced operational difficulties after the film was released. However, due to the warm and delicate emotional history of "My Neighbor Totoro" and the fresh and pure unique style, the film won the important prizes of Japan "The Movie" and the 13th Century of the film, and attracted the doll Manufacture. Ghibli, a business partner, produced a peripheral product, based on the Toronto, and left it in Global, helping Ghibli out of the holiness, and on this, he decided to make animated films. The Fairy and Cute Totoro has become the official image of Gablibi.

"My Nestor Totoro" will be released on December 14th.

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