Mu Shuhi's heart is afraid to become the first cleansing object. Guano R & F is ready to take over _lenny


Original Title: Mui Shuai's heart is afraid to become the first cleaning object. Guooi Ruli is ready to take over.

Another Murinho left Manchester United, the Red Devils changed dramatically. In the remarkable transformation of the Solskjaer effect, the Belgian midfielder Fellai was the United Kingdom's British principal. It seems that Fellaini will be more and more difficult in Manchester United's situation, and the Belgians may go to Super League to continue their career development. ESPN's latest news has revealed that Solskjaer is open for sale at Fellaini, and Beijing Guoan and Super League Guangzhou R&F have seen Fellaini as a signing target.

At the time of Maurinho's majesty, Fellaini was an important tactical piece of Manchester United. His ability to sweep in the midfield and the role of the front as a fullback in the penalty area is very obvious. Of course, the Fangliyi functions can only be played when Manchester United adopt a relatively conservative tactical concentration. After Solskjjaer came to Manchester United, the red devils regained their former style and played offensive football, Felini, who was tall and fast and slow, became a "chicken" player, he was a substitute. Frequent guest. In Solskia's go to Manchester United's Coach and 6-game winning streak, Felleyny spent a long time on the bench, just got two substitutes to play, just played a poor 31 minutes.

At Murinho's request, Manchester United signed a two-year deal with Fellaini, which spent the last summer with a year-long deal, ten thousand pounds. However, the dramatic changes in the dream theory have made his future confusing, especially in the case of the "fire-fighting coach" Solskjjaer is likely to show positive, Fellaini is likely to be the first player to be cleaned by suo shuai. Earlier, it was reported that Manchester United was thought to have a £ 15m price tag for Fellaini. According to the latest news from ESPN, Fellaini has always been the goal of the Super League team. Shanghai Bund and Guangzhou Evergreen have previously quoted Fellaini to Manchester United, but they did not. However, changes in Manchester United today are likely to prompt the Belgian team to leave the squad.

The newspaper reports that Beijing Guo'an and Guangzhou R&D have joined the Fellaini battle, even though the number of foreign two-super-league teams has reached the upper limit. Felleyny suffered a calf injury, but his injury did not affect the transport. It is worth mentioning that AC Milan and Porto are also the pursuers of Fellaini. Fellayi's current Manchester United contract is another 18 months the Red Devils are hoping to withdraw money through the sale of Fellaini to better invest in the transfer market that will allow Solskjaer to launch his favorite prey. Get more payroll space. The 31-year-old Fellaini played 21 times in the United Kingdom's season this season, including 9, scoring 2 goals and 1 assisting.

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