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Dai Dongchong Deputy Director of the Ministry of Transport said that following the cancellation of the provincial toll stations, it was necessary to ensure that the speed of fast non-stop use would reach 90% by the end of the year. Ensure smooth operation of the entire road network.On May 10, the State Council held a briefing on the policy of the State Council, and invited the Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Dai Dongchang to launch the expressway's provincial fare gates and answer reporter's questions.


A reporter inquired at the meeting: How to guarantee the transportation of vehicles etc. in highways after the highway fare gates are canceled?

Wu Deinin, director of the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, responded that after the cancellation of the provincial cargo station, a small number of manual cargo lanes were held at the entrance and exit toll stations. Therefore, a vehicle that does not have a vehicle installed, you can continue to use the entrance card at the entrance fee and the highway exit at the exit to pay the card payment. However, vehicle traffic efficiency will be significantly reduced and crimes may occur at the entrance and exit toll stations with high traffic volume. There is no ETC-equipped vehicle, and you cannot enjoy the fare. From the perspective of the convenience of the public, it is recommended that the vehicle be as much as possible with the ETC vehicle, and we provide a free installation service. In this way, the vehicle can be accessed quickly, without increasing costs, and enjoy points, discounts and various preferential policies. It can also improve the speed of speedways, improve energy conservation and emission reduction, and soon achieve multiple wins and winnings. To some extent, the installation and use of ETC can also diminish the social responsibility of highway users.

Dai Dongchong, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Transport, added that the state council's connotation is relatively rich. The abolition of provincial tariff stations and the realization of non-stop and fast charging are not only an important part of the highway fare system reform, but also an important measure to reduce logistics costs. If only the provincial charge stations are canceled and the non-stop charge is not implemented, or the use of ethylene does not reach a certain proportion, then in the future, there will be a lot of congestion at the entrance and exit , Reducing the efficiency of the entire road network. The purpose of this time is to ensure that the rate of fast and non-stop use will reach 90% or more before the end of the year, thus ensuring smooth operation of the entire road. However, this does not mean that vehicles without vehicles or vehicles with other special conditions cannot get on the expressway. Our lanes are designed with etc-based lanes, while retaining a small number of manual fees leases to service vehicles without etc. . We will use various methods such as discounts, discounts, and free installation to manage and encourage the installation and use of etc vehicles, so as to improve the efficiency of road network operation and achieve the goal of fast charging without stopping.

In addition, a meeting reporter was asked: The installation of the ETC device is an important measure to improve the cancellation of the tollgate gates as to ensure the installation of the ETC system and the installation of the Gantry. Equipment?

Where Dejin said that at present, China's expressways have realized nationwide billed fare operations, and the main technology adopted is the wide-ranging application of mature technology in the world. As of the end of March this year, the total number of US nationwide users has reached 80.72 million, the automotive installation rate reached 34%, and the highway, and so on, or payment users, accounted for about 45%. However, there is still a big gap in station withdrawal requirements. Increasing the proportion of installation and utility, the ministry will co-ordinate with the relevant departments to fully mobilize government and market resources. In line with optimized services, free installation, discounted usage, fast-track requirements, and more measures to accelerate application and popularity, etc.

Wu Dejin has demonstrated the need to manage and encourage policies, including the implementation of the free installation policy, give points discounts and discounts on tolls, and encourage financial institutions, the Internet and other enterprises to expand their success through various forms Such as returning red envelopes. To optimize and improve service, including the need to make everything possible to increase the installation and service outlets, to facilitate the public near the convenient free installation, encourage Internet distribution, home installation appointments. For official vehicles and state-owned enterprise vehicles and special vehicles, we have to play the role of the relevant government departments and organize the completion of the installation. For the operating vehicles of passenger and cargo transportation, the local people's government organizes the transportation enterprises to install. For social vehicles, the Gracroats Government and relevant departments will be organized to go to the streets, communities, cities and cities to install. At the same time, we will also be providing the car's new front-end models for new models. In terms of feature expansion and extension, local areas are encouraged to be promoted and promoted into car parks such as large parking lots to further facilitate the use of the public. Meanwhile, it works with relevant departments to study and formulate specific implementation plans.

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