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Like most middle-aged people, Guardiola knows the pressure on everyone. Before the last game against Southampton last year, he told the media without any concern: "If we continue to lose points, it will be over and everything will be over."

As the saying goes, that's urgent to come. Four days later they really earned points at the Ethadad Stadium.

After the campaign, their gap with the leader Liverpool narrows 4 points. However, many observers who are keen to play as a yet-reality singer agree that Manchester City may be "completed" because they win a game in the way of Murinho. Critics of the British "Guardian" even summed up the game with a subtle tidbit: Manchester City is not winning ugly, it is quite ugly.

I do not like the "negative" pessimistic word, at least the end of the vocabulary is not in line with Guardiola's temperament. Gua and other people's philosophy of Barcelona-style football should be: enjoyment, winning and losing. The main goal of Guardiola coaching the team is to present a wonderful process, and the result is a matter of course. Compared with the outcome, his training style is more about the process and performance.

Indeed, Guardiola's "trial-oriented" football philosophy brought him countless honors. In Barcelona he won 14 trophies at 4 years, a blockbuster, followed by Munich to the North, Hot Baba Liga to complete Bundesliga League consecutive championships, became a world-class martial, then hit Sea, Manchester City last time with Unprecedented 100 points Premier League laurels. Without exception, he must win pretty much every time he shoots.

But the melon-style philosophy has a completely fatal flaw: it is difficult to make a surprising victory in individual major confrontations. In the early morning of Friday, the victory in Liverpool, Manchester City is not the overall football, but the personal ability of Aguero and Sane. Faced with Liverpool's opponent (the high pressure of the opponent's half, so the opponent cannot successfully pass the ball into their own half), Team City & # 39; Control has little effect and is overwhelmed, if the striker is not a good light, the game has long been finalized by Liverpool.

Competitive sports is a defeated, result-oriented game. Whoever wins the championship can earn more traffic. Therefore, the recent Premier League presidential Manchester City, and even the American Ecommerce Risk Amazon, which has a smattering of football culture, also invested £ 10 million to shoot a football documentary for the Manchester City, which has been praised by the industry.

The film clip is very exciting, the rhythm control is extremely compact and there is a red drama network. But the film is a problem, which is, subjectively ignores, an objective fact: Manchester City won the championship, but the most important three games of the season, they all ended in failure. The first was the confrontation with Manchester United, the direct competitor of the Manchester City Championship began with two goals and was followed by the end devils to fill 3 goals and complete the defeat. The other two games occurred in the two rounds of the UEFA Champions League square finals, the plot was surprisingly similar and twice defeated by the Red Army. Anti-Super.

Fans who have a certain experience in watching the ball know that in this critical match-up, the product of rational thinking such as skills and tactics is usually only half-resolved, and the other half was sent to the emotional team and the players. The City of Manchester, a slow-moving Buddhist system, lacks the last. When the situation isn't good for them, the players tend to self-defeat and don't know how to deal with them. Some Premier League observers believe it is precisely because Guardiola has planned all the technical and tactical details for the extreme, so the player is prone to a short-haul team in the event of an emergency.

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