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2018-12-09 21:24:46 Source: China News Net

China News Service, Macau, December 9 (Reporter Long Tu) The film "The Lost Fu Xiang" filmed by Macao and the Mainland premiered at the Macau Cultural Center on the 9th evening.

The Director of the Department of Social and Cultural Affairs of the Macao SAR Government, Tan Junong, Deputy Director of the Central Government's Liaison Office in Macao, Liu Wei, the Chairman of the Macao Foundation Administrative Committee, Wu Zhiliang, and the Director From the Culture Bureau, Mi Xinxin, attended the premiere ceremony.

The film series of "Fantasy Fuxiang" was adapted from three Maxo writers, Taipi, Lear, and Silent novels. The writer has three works in a complete suspension story about a financial fake case. In this film, Macau framing accounts for 85% of the total, and the unique movie language shows the charm of the small town.

The leading role in the film is hosted by famous actor Hong Kong and the best actor Lin Jiadong. Playing the former Macao Judicial Police officer Liang Jinghui in the film, through his entrance into the financial fraud group, he uses his sensitivity to the "Taste" to find 3 years. The process of black hand behind the previous "mystery case" ended the salvation of himself.

The heroine is the famous Chinese actor New Lian, who specializes in the role of a female police officer in Macau and a former college of Liang Jinghui, completes the creation of the character with a unique external and soft performance.

Liao Zixin, the film's producer, said that the film has joined Talent from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau's Davan District to make a script that lays the foundation for the success of the film. The mode of operation deserves to be Learned by Macau Filmmakers. (End)

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